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Pioneer Antique Log Cabin Restoration

Do you own an old log house or barn that needs restoration? Restoring antique cabins is how I got started in this business. We can replace those rotten logs right where the cabin stands without taking it down to maintain as much of its historical character as possible. Or we can move it to a new location on a new foundation. I have restored several historic log homes in Adams and Brown county including: Adams Counties first post office, The John T Wilson Homestead in Tranquility, The Gore House once located near the Great Serpent Mound, the Hamilton Dunbar house in West Union and others. The preservation of historic buildings is a passion that I have had for a long time. 
Before: This barn was hit by a fast moving vehicle and was on the verge of totally collapsing. After: We were able to use most of the original wood, but some pieces needed to be replaced. The newer light-colored wood will quickly become darker to match the older wood after it has weather for a few months.

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